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Friday, June 24, 2005

Overview till now

Sorry, I haven't been able to post about myself recently. I was lazy...I am sure. Reasons like I was a little more busy than usual are stupid and thus, shouldn't be presented.

I finished spring term, but not with a GPA I would've liked. I want to gain my position back and pass with a 4.0. and I know I can do it, if I just put in a little more effort than usual. Look at my mentor, bhai.....he's like working all the time and has fun. I guess I have to just get off the couch and get into action, like I was. One of my friends here told me that I'm so quiet and silent.....I guess I haven't still been able to recover from my experience at New Horizon College of Engg. But, this has to stop right now, at this very second.

I will owe in front of bhagwaanji and papa-mamma ka photo kee I will be what I dreamt of myself to be in 10th std. This vacation at the beach attitude ends right here, right now.

Summer term has started and I have been missing my MWF classes like crazy because of off-campus interviews. But, luckily I was able to meet up my profs and explain the whole situation to them. Prof. here are really understanding. they like the fact, that you came up to them and explained your absence. it speaks of one's character. they appreciate sincerety and genuineness very much. it also gives them a signal that you are serious about the class and the subject.

my co-op interviews have been going well. dressing up in formals and going for interviews is an experience on its own. I have been travelling to all parts of the suburbs of philadelphia. I have been seeing so much of philadelphia. the other day I went for my interview at was a really good ride. that side of philli seemed to be more west windsor suburb like mausiji, but also the brick houses reminded of my old english houses. the stations our train crossed....oh my God were the old fashion english stations. it was a great ride. then today I went towards the Warminster side, which is a completely different side of philli. it has more middle class housing. it has been a great experience to see such contrasting sides of the same city. I am having fun even in this hot summer.

the term has finally got off to a start. the only bad thing was that I didn't get a book I ordered and the other order was cancelled and so I had to buy those books from the bookstore. but, I have decided that after the end of this term, I will sell some of my books. the problem is that I decide this as the term starts and then towards the end of the term I change my mind. I think I am just not cut out to selling my books...I have never done it. and I don't think I will. the thing is that I have never been to taught to sell books, but give them away. I mean I couldn't sell my books in India for half price like others. Probably I'll also go keep the books as free books.

that reminds me that I was thinking of an idea. the profs should be requested to think about the amount of money the students have to spend to buy the books. we should make a network and the syllabus should be made available to all students for all courses at all times. also we should make a network of students where the students can exchnage books for free or for a cheaper price. it is similar to the khandaan system bhai had at IIT. its a good way of keeping the amount of money spent on textbooks low and also helps students.

with that note I would just like to say that looking forward to summer term and co-op. and will be regular on my blog.