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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kudos to England - An objective opinion

Yes, India won yesterday. In my opinion though, they didn't win fair and square and England should be praised for their guts. Two players require special mention - Owais Shah and Ishant Sharma, in this closely contested match. After all, the winning margin was mere 20 runs. I'm not a traitor, merely offering an objective opinion free of bias of favourite team.

Yes everyone, India won the rain affected one day match at Bangalore with a small margin of 20 runs. I have a different opinion though, in my mind the match was won by the English lions.

The English team was good in all departments of the game and India wasn't except for the blazing start by Sehwag and Gambhir. At this point, you might say that Sachin opened the innings. Sadly he failed to fire and was bowled out by a brilliant delivery of Stuart Broad fairly early in the match at a personal score of just 11 runs. The rain couldn't seem to deter the English determination, but seem to have affected the Indian spirits a little.

The Indian bowling attack wasn't as sharp as the English bowling attack. The English bowlers looked like lions out on a prowl to get their prey where as the Indian bowlers tried to be flashy since they had the runs on the scoreboard. The target for England was the main reason for me being pro-England yesterday.

I think it was unfair to set a target of 198 runs in 22 overs for England when India made 166 runs in their alloted 22 overs. This is why I feel that India didn't win the match fair and sqaure.

It doesn't make sense that India and England both get to play 22 overs, first team makes 166 runs and the second team has to make 198 runs to win the match. All kudos to the England team for putting up a heroic fight, special mention for Owais Shah.

Shah caused major damage in the Indian bowling morale. Dhoni, for the first time looked quiet tensed to me. Due to Shah's powerful batting, a once impossible target of 198 runs in 22 overs suddenly looked possible. As if Indian players finely came to their senses and started paying attention on the field because they realised that they can't relax till the match is over. The performance that the Indian team had yesterday couldn't have been fruitful if they were defending 166. The only Indian player I would like to mention is Ishant Sharma.

After getting his much needed hair-cut, Ishant seem to be concentrating more on the game. He was good with the ball and while fielding too. The first English wicket that came for India was caught by Ishant Sharma with a brilliant right diving catch. I don't want to mention Sehwag, Gambhir or Yuvraj because it is their job to bat the way they did. Special mentions should be for those who aren't expected to perform they way they did. Thus, special mention for England for playing a match winning innings under the cloud of the inflated target.

The main point of my appreciation for English team is their spirit. Not even for split second did it appear that they had given up on the thought of winning this fourth one day match. If Shah would have stayed on, the English score card would've read differently and India would be trailing the series 3-1. All kudos to England for their brilliant performance and India need to pull up their socks. This doesn't imply that India isn't my favourite team or I'm a traitor of any kind, not supporting the national team.

I'm merely offering an objective opinion, free from the bias of which is my favourite team. I will still cheer and support the Indian team whenever and wherever they play. One also should applaud and appreciate the opponent's spirit, after all we might just learn something from them. We might learn how we could have won the World Cup final against Australia. It is only when we appreciate and respect the opponent strengths, we become great warriors and we need to become just that if we are to become One Day Team No.1.