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Friday, November 04, 2005

Septa Strike......Boon in Disguise

SEPTA (South Eastern Pennysylvania Transportation Authority), in common man's words the Philadelphia and surrounding regions' public transporation system, is experiencing a massive strike by employees protesting against the lack of benefits being paid to them. The bus that I used to take from the Paoli train station is not running, but the train is. So, that had presented me with the problem of getting to the office.
With Abizer's carpool full and strike date approaching fast I was considering working from home until this situation was resolved. But, there was another problem my office laptop doesn't have a wireless card and my manager couldn't get one for me as it was against company policy. I was confused as to what to do.
And, then like a ray of light tearing away the darkness, Sagar told me that he found someone to carpool and there is place for one more person in the car besides Sagar, George and the mysterious massiah, later to be known as Dan. In a flash, I asked Sagar for the guy's email address and mailed him immediately. Dan also replied promptly giving me all the details about the carpool. The idea of paying $40.00/month for getting a ride from Philli to Malvern was a boon for me, in more than one way.
Of course, the cut down in spending over commute to the office was the primary factor for me opting for the carpool. The added advantage was that I could sleep not just 5 mins, but a whole 30 mins extra every morning. Also, the fear of not being able to catch the train on time was eliminated, which helped me reduce my morning tensions to zero, because train was my only source of stress in the morning.
This also helped me get-away from the path of crash-dieting that I was heading towards. Now, I even got time to eat a hearty breakfast and take a nice shower before leaving for work. I found that my cheerful and joyful mood came back to me. I was no more grumpy or hungry when I reached the office.
I never take knaps in the car on my way to work, coz I'm able to get enough sleep in the morning which I didn't when I commuting by the train. Carpooling has become a boon for me in more than one way. I have regained my happy and smiling face.