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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Half Wing earned

No, I'm not a pilot; but our SX4 isn't less than the Sukhoi 30 MKI. And today was my solo flight.

At 0430 hrs I rolled out our Sx4 to go to the nearby Lingampally station to pick up mom and nanima who were coming from Pune. I taxied on the drive way. Reached the main road, put in one of the CDs Rohan had burnt and took off. I soared high on the speed lane and landed at the station in time. The return flight was slower with windows down and music playing and gupshup.

As I reversed and parked the car in the assigned parking space, I was told that I passed the exam with flying colours and have earned my half wing. The successful completion of the final exam will fetch me the full wing and the final exam is to drive in the bheed bhaad of Hyderabad to display ability in handling the traffic.

For now, I'm extremely happy and excited that I've passed the critical half way mark.

And keeping our IAF tradition alive. Successful complete of solo flight - Party tonight, Everyone's invited!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Quarter Century Bash

What does one do for their b'day? As the run rises, we wake up flanked with b'day kisses and hugs by our parents constantly being reminded by mom for getting ready quickly to go to the temple. Then, when we reach school, college or office, everyone lines up to wish us and expects sweets in return :). Then, in the evening we either have a huge party or go out for a quiet dinner and at the end of the day, we expect a B'day gift :D. To sum it up in one sentence, we celebrate our b'day in one day and its the day that is lined up with a lot of activities. Ever celebrated your b'day over 9 days, sounds like fun doesn't it?

Well, ladies and gentlemen I did and it was AWSOME.

Keeping the tradition on for doing something different every year for my b'day, I celebrated my b'day this year over 9 days by getting reacquainted with India.

Took one week off from work and went to see my folks at Ranchi, Patna and Delhi. Charted out my travel plans in a way that I get to experience all kinds of modes of transport. And boy!!, it was good fun.

Each sector of travel was educational and different from the other sector. It felt nice to be among people and still act as an outsider observing everyone and how people were interacting with each other. My sociology and anthropology classes came to my rescue. I was able to visualize many of the concepts I studied in these classes.

Kolkata Airport was the dirtiest of the lot and gave me the same feeling I get when I get off at the Chennai Railway station. The airport had flies and open garbage cans. I was quiet surprised to see that an airport can be in this shape also. Ranchi was a welcome break after this experience.

Ranchi is home. It was so good to be there, completely disconnected electronically except my cellphone. It just felt so nice to do nothing and take a break and Pratima fed us well. The Ranchi air completely cleared my head. And whatever was left was gone after I went to Kali Mandir and then Pahadi Mandir. Then, I packed my bags and was off to Patna for a couple of days.

Baby phua & phuphaji and Neetu Phua & Kishore completely pampered me - awsome garisht food, chocolates, jalebis. I felt like I was 12 years old again. After getting pampered, having a nice evening tet-e-tet with baby phua on marriage, I was off to New Delhi ( Rajdhani, as Capt Akbar from Lakshya would call it, I'm sort of very fond of the movie).

New Delhi was quiet an experience. I learnt the importance of checklists and being doubly careful of my belongings, as I almost lost my identity at the New Delhi station. Many thanks to Afreen for keeping my bag safe with her and taking the troubles of finding my phone number and informing me. I briefly spoke to her on the train, but she was such a God sent. After that initial hiccup, the ride was smooth like butter. Met up with Chotu phua, phuphaji, Mikki, Tinku Bhaiya and Annu after such a long time. Then, Abhay papa organised a lunch party for us, where I met Choti Ma, Chomps, Chutchut mama, mami and Ayonija. Ayonija was slightly confused to see me in Delhi, after all she is only 3 yrs old. Once she realised that I was the same Neha Didi, we were inseparable friends again. Had tons of fun with Tinku bhaiya and Annu as well. I didn't know that they were also like me and Sport, playing throw-ball of words all the time. I got to spend about a day and a half in Delhi, but I was able to gather up a lot of memories :D :D. On 18th April, it was time for me to head back to Hyderabad - my karm bhoomi.

I had one long train ride to Hyderabad where the bogey attendant and pantry guys were extra helpful to me and I sometimes grew suspicious of their generosity. I believe it was all in good spirit of taking care of me as I was traveling alone, but being fully responsible.

Turning 25 is a big deal, not just for men but for women too. Mom was right, the switch finally flips. I feel much more responsible and focus seems to be much much more clear than about a year ago. Thus, taking the trip to finally find myself was very important and fruitful.

Just as we all like a cherry on top of a sundae, the cherry on my B'day Bash Sundae was the Emotional Intelligence class I took after coming back.

So have you had this much fun on your b'day lately?