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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


sorry, I haven't been able to post something new for quiet some time on my blog. I kind of got caught in this term. I have some heavy duty subjects. but I am enjoying all of them. my work load has also been increased this term to 15 hrs per week. I am also looking into spreading my wings. so as to speak about joining clubs and get involved into activities. I just hope its not too late.

I finally got some free time today morning as my 9o'clock class is cancelled for today. Prof. Lippincott is going for a jury duty. He is a nice guy and my philosphy prof. I enjoy his class. he is really expressive. When I had signed up for the course, I had just signed up because I needed some course for my humanities elective, but now I am happy that I took Philosphy. It will also help me prepare for other two philosphy required courses we are to take for for our major.

I haven't been able to really make friends who I would hang around with outside class.....but I really don't have much time after class. still trying, lets see how things happen. candee is back and I am a lot of fun. yesterday we spent a whole day together and caught up on a lot of things. it was really nice. I felt good after a long time.

but I am looking forward to end of the term coz my dear bro is coming from India to see chicago and will also come to philli. then me and him are flying back together to Chicago. hoping to see Chicago by day and nite, if papa agrees. crossing my fingers over it!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ooree baba, ei ke bhelo Dada

Loos like dada ke gale mein bada kaantaatak gaya. what should he do.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Got My First Pay Check!!!

Yes, guys. I have finally recieved my first pay check. I am so happy and excited. after sweating out and back breaking work at our college cafe (15 hours a week), getting the pay check is such a nice feeling. I am so overwhelmed with joy, that I can't write properly. This has also taught me the value of each dollar or unit of currency wherever one is working. I have now realised how hard papa and mamma have to work for us to have such a lavish life. though ma would argue that papa works harder than her, but I think both of them work hardest for their fields of work. The first three months of work were cool because it was just 10 hours a week. but after classes started this term I got 15 hours of work....I was excited that I wud earn more money. but what I didn't realise, that it meant more work and more of standing and lifting heavy items....everyday after work I have sore feet and sometimes sore back.....but next day morning it cool, so I go to work and come back home evening all tired and crash on the bed. But I am completely enjoying the work.....and so I don't want to quit.

We the People

Prepared by the students of University of Kansas. Depicts the theme of We the People and India I know. Felt close to home while watching this. For all desis around the world, must see.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Will the Women do what men cudn't

For those of u wondering, I am talking with regard to the Women's Cricket Worl Cup final.India defeated New Zealand to reserve a place in the finals. and looks like its going to be a replay of the Men's World Cup. Yes, the Indians will be facing Australia....its deja vou. but I wish and hope that it is where the similarity shud stop. Lets all cheer and wish that this time around India achieve what they want to....a win against Australia.

So Go India Go India Go!!!!!wooooo hooooo!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Looks like I can get the prasad from Badrinath Mandir even if I am not able to go. This is a novel idea and good for me, as it is pretty clear to me that I am not going to be able to pay homage at mandir near future.

Hooray!!! We Won We Won

We have done it again. For all those wondering what this outburst is about...India has won the Second ODI. Absolutely big fan of cricket. I would've loved to watch the match. 356 wow!!! that's a score....but for a such big total I would've thought India would win with an even more comprehensive.....and thus a round of applause for the Pak fight back 58 runs isn't a big margin..... I am sure if Afridi would have gone all out, Pakistan might have have even won.

A usual Tendulkar seem to have not performed with the bat or the bowl....any explanations for his suddern downturn.....I am a hard core Tendulkar fan.....but I also believe that he has to be consistent in all the games....not make a big score in one and then do nothing in the other.....or is it just that all bowlers across the globe have studied all his shots is a greater detail and he has to invent newer shots with each ball.

Waiting for all comments on this one

Monday, April 04, 2005

Rare Bird to be tracked

Just found that this beautiful bird was thought be extinct , but was rediscovered a few years ago. Found deep in the woods, its totally cut off from the modern world. I just hope this study doesn't lead to poaching and other problems related to our urban life

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dada's Confession

In his usual styleSourav Dada was a pressure cooker during the match. As the article states, he was relieved when India won.He is such a nervous he scared of the happenings during the World Cup. May be we shud try this on our political leaders and see if for a change they perform in the interest of the nation.

Good news for our players

Thank God, Sri Lanka tour has been cancelled This is a welcome news I think not just by the players but also us, we do not want our players falling sick and getting cramps

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope is no more

I just recieved a breaking news flash from my mom back home thatPope is no more

I didn't follow the news about him much, but I know he was a great religious leader. He was loved and respected by all roman catholics all over the world. I extend my deepest condolscences to all our christian friends all over the world.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

My 21st B'day

B'day, the very word is associated with party, fun and frolic. But, for every person and age-group the definition of this word is different. I experienced a new meaning of b'day on my 21st b'day which was on Mar 30. It was the first time I woke up without ma singing "Happy B'day" to me. It was a really different feeling. It was the first time my mom, dad, rohan (my bro) wished me on phone. It was then I felt that I've come a long way and times have changed.

I was so happy on my b'day full of excitement and joy, but not something I would share with people. I was experiencing this inner joy on b'day, like I was having a hug b'day bash inside of me. everyone wished me, from my dearest room-mate Akshita to my work friends, my Best Friend Candy and even my India friends

There were two high points of the day. The first one being God's present to me, which was bringing my B'lore college friends online. It was so cool. We chatted for like an hour and at end before saying our goodbyes they sang "Happy B'day" to me 5 times.....coz they kept goofing up. I was almost in tears, it felt so nice. I felt like an adult hosting a b'day party for my friends.

The second high point of the day was me and my best friend going to dinner. I had decided of going to this Vietnamese Restaurent, but I kind of messed up the directions, so we walked 6 blocks in a circle and then finally I decided to go this Mexican joint I hadn't gone to. Its called Quidoba......the food is really good and the quantity huge. we ordered Burritos and had a quiet dinner, just the two of us.

It was a very different b'day party compared the ones I used have in India. Back home, I would invite all my friends for lunch, and they would look forward to it, coz they loved my mom's cooking and we used to have lots if fun too. This was when I realised that now I am an adult and that on your b'day its an absolute joy with being able to be with the people who matter most on your life. I really missed my family and friends. But, I had fun 2.