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Monday, July 28, 2008

So how do you tell an Indian guy about manners

One of the most difficult things is communication and especially if a girl has to tell the guy that he isn't minding his manners. Time and again I've been told that my criteria is too stringent or too childish, but I say that these are general etiquettes one follows even when with friends or at least they should, You decide. Telling someone about manners is awkward and especially if its a guy because then you have to be careful that they don't perceive as an attack on their ego.

Trust me, I know, I learnt it the hard way. The only guys who would listen to me tell them about their manners are my brothers. Most of my male friends feel I'm offending them. The only thing is that I can't help it because I can't stand bad manners and so I'm treading forward on my journey of expressing my displeasure at bad manners. I'm very surprised to see how ill-mannered guys are becoming now a days.

Simple things like punctuality, table manners, not screaming on the top of your lungs and blowing everyone's head off for no reason are fast becoming rarity. Even the language usage is becoming more and more rude and ill-mannered. All this is going un-noticed because they are being hidden under the veil of increasing buddy feelings towards each other. Being buddies doesn't imply talking like rowdies. Our parents had buddies too and they didn't talk to them like their mouths needed to be rinsed with soap first.So, please guys, I don't appreciate bad language.
And if you think I'm being childish, stay away from me because you are going to get that lecture.

And the most important thing which I just thought of while writing this post - "Just because I mind my manners with you, don't get the misconception that you have a special place in my life. You don't. "

So, friends if you are under that misconception take it out of your brains right now, because its not going to do you any good. I mind my manners with everyone because I believe in good manners. Special place is for someone who already minds his manners and doesn't have to be told about it by me and be rest assured, if I haven't appreciated your manners till now or have given you a lecture.....You aren't the Knight in Shining Armour for me.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Atlanta Rocks

Rock Climbing, trekking and Wii - the 3 reasons why Atlanta is the most rocking place for me.

Bhaiya took us rock climbing yesterday and we (Bhai and Me) absolutely loved it. The place was called Atlanta Rocks and experience ws absolutely rocking :) - cheeky, I know.

Wii (advised by mom, I converted the name into a link - for everyone who doesn't know what Wii is)is the second reason for Atlanta rocking so much. Loving it completely and totally hooked to it.

Trekking is coming up next :).