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Monday, September 21, 2009

My long hiatus

Not too many people read my blog, but I'm always thankful to those who do. I get good pointers on improving my work. And I know all of you have reminded me many a times that its been long since I wrote anything.

Well, to all of you and those who are reading for the first time, I would like to say that I was on a long hiatus from one my loves...writing. I was cleaning my room the other day and I realised how long its been since I started writing.

Now, I'm no big poet or author, but yes coming from family that has always encouraged fine arts for both female and male children I picked up finer arts quiet early with the exception of painting and drawing. Dancing, writing and sports - 3 of the most important things for our family and me personally. Sadly, I've kept away from all those three for the longest time. No excuses, this time.

I'm done rationalising and agreeing that because of circumstances I kept away from them. No, that's not true...its all my karma and my choices. I'm happy, I made those "wrong choices", so that I could learn early what wrong choices result in. And my long hiatus taught me the following lessons:
  1. Complacency doesn't help.
  2. Dreams will materialise if dreamt from the heart.
  3. You love someone. Then, no matter how much you fight or even wage a war with them - love conquers all.
  4. Listen to everyone's advice, but make your own priorities and follow them with full faith and heart.
  5. Never lose faith in the almighty. Religion does have the power to be a candle flame in the darkest hour.
  6. Always listen to your heart - it never lies or manipulates.
  7. Apologise immediately after the realisation that a mistake was committed.
  8. Don't let stress get the better of you, it doesn't help at all.
  9. Work isn't life, its a part of it.
  10. Things happen, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Learn from the not so good experiences and enjoy the happy moments while they last.
  11. Love is eternal and most soothing and biggest motivator. I'll save this one for another day.

All I can say, that I'm back after my long hiatus much wiser and ever more strong willed to fulfill my dreams. Its funny, just the other day, someone told me that I'm sentimental fool because I don't quantify everything that I don't give a number to everything.

He was quiet older to me, so I didn't want to argue with them. Moreover, he was just an acquaitence. Had he been family, I wouldn't have thought twice about stating my opinion. Coming back to the point - I have never quantified things for myself. This is because, I don't want to live life with parameters. God has given us all enough natural resources to lead a good healthy lifestyle, we only need to open our eyes and realise it.

Anyways, main point, I'm back on blogospher. I might be not as frequent on chats, orkut, facebook; but I promise to be regular here.