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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pink Power

Pink Vigilante is a story I found on the BBC site a few days under the news from South East Asia section.

It was quiet interesting to see women organise themselves in a group to voice against the system. I think they are a courageous group of women who have dared to stand tall in a male dominated world.

It was interesting to see that all these women are from rural India, where male domination is its highest in the society. Don't mistake them for a male bashing group as they fight for all causes.

The Gulabi Gang (as they call themselves) isn't just about raising a voice against domestic violence, they also are fighting against poverty, illiteracy and catesim (to name a few). And it is because of this that men are also joining the gang. It seems that they do follow something I had heard in the movie Tirangaa (if you haven't watched it, watch it: its a nice one) "Pehle mulakat, phir baat, phir jaroorat pade to laat".

Just a parting thought for my dear ones in volunteering and NGOs, the group's view on NGO and government funding brought out the other side of the coin and that was interesting.