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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My 22nd B'day

This post was long overdue.....and seriously the only reason I can come up with is that I was lazy to write it down....and well "A picture is worth thousand words" I thought I can substitute with that. But, then today I decided to increase the word count of the post, by writing something here I go.

I had the best b'day a young woman(though people still like to believe that I'm a kid) could ask for: family, closest friends and lots of home-made, bakery and restaurent prepared goodies for the foodie in me.

Most people, celebrate their b'day for a day...but my b'day celebrations spanned over a month and that auspicious month was March.....and since my b'day falls in the end of March, I get a whole month to celebrate my b'day.

As March started, I was beaming with happiness and joy as this was my "b'day month"...I have always believed that it doesn't matter if anyone remembers or forgets that is its ur b'day, but you shouldn't...we should be happy just because its the most impt day of our life...its the day we stepped into this world and came alive. And I think that's reason enough for being excited for the whole month, if not a life-time.

Anyways, back to the description: My b'day celebrations started in the beginning of march.....with me getting a whole lot of appreciation for my work. I think it was really kind of them to appreciate my work...I was just doing my duty...nothing extra-ordinary. Since March was the last month of my internship I was trying to wrap up things before the next person took over and continue what I was doing.

Next, thing was my mom visiting me for a whole week. I think that's the best b'day gift a desi far removed from India, home and family could ask for. I was really excited and I felt like I was back home with my family (sniff, sniff: I miss India tons, I have learned the relevance of India in my life only after I came here...and now all I can think abt is the day I will go back for good...and I have a feeling that it will be only 2-3 years from now). So, I was still working when ma came here...but unlike the last time...I had gotten a pair of keys made for she didn't have any problems in commuting in the city.She saw Philli by the day herself and then I showed her Philli by the night when I came back from the office everyday...She had also planned a b'day party for me on the day she was was just family: me, mom, mausiji, mausaji, smriti and sunanda...ajju papa and all weren't able to make it...this reminded of my other most memorable b'day in appu ghar when papa was posted in delhi...that was also a big family bash....which I think is one of my most memorable b'days...and the pic below has my b'day cake, me, mom and sitti baua(smriti).

Cake Me, Mom and Sitti Baua Posted by Picasa

After my b'day...I was a little over-whelmed when I went to drop ma off @ the airport...felt like I was again getting distanced from after I dropped her off....came back home and started gearing up for the last week of office...hadn't realised that those would become the most enjoyable 5 days of my office life....everyday gave me more reasons to smile and want to stay longer at Siemens...My b'day was the first wishing call came promptly @ 12:30 in the night and caller was my cute, huggable and stud kid "George"...and the reply I gave him when he wished me was "arre yaar raat ke saare barah baj rahe hain"...I still laugh @ myself for that...and in the morning mamma and papa had called me and surprisingly bade papa and badi mummy had called me all the way from India...but I wasn't able to take their call as I was in a meeting...then when I went to the office sagar, nithin all my office friends wished me. Candee,my best friend, called me to wished me and made a program for the weekend to take me out on my b'day...Sumit called to wish me in the office...and when I was leaving the office at 6:00 pm ...I was thinking wow, I had a great b'day and now that the day is over I want more...and my wish was duly granted...8:30 in the night my dear roomate, Akshita, calls me and says I'm standing outside, please let me in...I was pleasently surprised that she was back from her spring break and then she said the nicest thing "I couldn't have missed my room-mate's b'day."...and as is God said to himself...let me give her one more gift for her b' called and asked me what I was doing for my b'day...I said,"Nothing, its a weekday."...and he said "Ok, we're coming over"...and George, Sagar and Anushka came over for my b'day party...and to top it I had cake in my fridge "Black Forest" and 4 of us were sitting and chatting till pretty late in the night...and when they left I said to myself "I'm the happiest 22 yr old in the world, I have a loving and caring family and bunch of friends who care abt me so much...what more can a young woman ask for?"...and then as if God said to himself...I can answer,candee,sumit and asma hung out at Mad for Mex in the weekend...Candee's plan was to get me drunk...but she wasn't successful...but on their insistance and out of curiosity I tried a Margarita and didn't like it at all...I said to them "I still don't get how you guys can like this stuff."...Guess I'm still a kid...Don't like alcoholic drinks...and now I have given up sodas...just sticking to my fav water,lassi, milk-shakes,slushies and ocassionally coffee...In retrospective all I can say is that it was the best B'day I ever had in my 22 yrs of life...and I thank everyone for making it so special for me.