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Thursday, October 27, 2005

1 month over at work

I just finished 1 month at my internship. Its a whole new world when one starts living on their own even when in college. And then its completely different when ur working and living on your own.
I haven't been as lucky as my other friends who have a nice group of people to hang out with after work. In my friend circle at work, I'm the only one who is working till 6 pm everyday and reach home at 7:30 pm, after a good hour and fifteen minutes of travelling by bus and train. After this I'm very tired. I reach home and all I want to do is fall on my bed. I don't even want dinner. Sadly, I realise that I'm heading towards the problem I always thought I couldn't get and that is crash-dieting. I sometimes skip breakfast or move to it to a later time, cause I slept an extra 5 mins. I always wanted to be an adult, live on my own, take my own decisions. But, what I didn't know is that I was heading towards a point where my life would be governed by the seconds and minutes, where 5 mins would make the difference of catching or missing the train to work. I mean I don't understand, what kind of life is this, where one can't take time out for onself and even get an extra 5 mins on sleep. I knew work would be a whole new world. But I don't like this part of it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Writing after a long time!!!

hey, I know I haven't written in a while...and I can't even make an excuse of I was busy with stuff. I guess I need to read my book on time-management again......can someone help me please with getting rid of my habit of being lazy. Ok, after my confession now its time to get down to business.
I started my internship at Siemens. I'm very happy and enjoying my job. The first few days of work were a little hectic and a little confusing, but now I'm nicely settled in and understand what's going on. I have made some good friends and I enjoy my lunch time and email chatting with them. The orientation on the first day was very laid back and fun. I got to meet some really nice people. The most interesting thing is that the bus we take from the train station has a majority population of Siemens employees. Its fun to see so many people from the same company taking the same bus....the other companies in the area hardly have 2-3 employees coming in the bus. Most of the people who take the bus are also from the Philadelphia city, which is also interesting to see.
The most exciting thing is that my dearest mamma is coming to US on monday.....she is coming to where papa is and that is Chicago. But, I'm happy that she will be atleast in the same country as me.