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Friday, February 09, 2007

My flow of thoughts

Summer is long over, so I think I should change my latest post.

I haven't written my blog in a long long time. All I can say is I'm guilty as charged, I have no points in my defense. As some of my well-wishers would say that this is probably the first time I'm pleading guilty to a charge set against me, as I always have some argument to defend my action. This is the reason some of people belonging to my closest cirlce of trust have also suggested that I take up law as a profession because I'm good at presenting arguments in a logical structure and pursuading people that my perspective is correct. Ok, check check check....this post isn't about which profession so I will not write anymore about this topic.

The main topic of this post is my trip home. Finally after two and a half years of rigorous education schedule which can drain a person both physically and mentally (though not as much as some of my friend's experience [they know who they are]), I'm finally heading home for a month long vacation. Some of my friends ask me as to why I'm so excited because my parents visit me often here......and I tell them that for me home isn't just my parents.......its everyone from my dadima to my chahchus and chachis and bhaiyas and sis(es) the feeling of being at home and having an identity and the sense of belongingness. No matter, how much one adapts to this place I'm at......this can never be home for me.

Home for me is and has always been INDIA.....our motherland, our country, our pride and our love. Even today I stand and salute our dearest Tiranga wherever I see it perched on the top of a hotel in busy street near Central Park in New York City or my office cube in subarban Malvern, PA or my computer screen while watching the RD parade.

One more thing I've noticed for myself is an instant feeling of home-sickness whenever I see the reminds of all those independence day programmes we performed and the RD parades we watched on tv.

I haven't been as lucky as some of my pals to watch the RD parade as it happens on Rajpath.......but the memories of promptly getting ready and setting up the breakfast near the television on 26th Jan before the start of RD parade is very fresh in my mind. This year luckily....thanks to my brother, who in his true angelic tradition, provided us a link where we could watch the RD parade. Thanks to him and the government of INDIA, I was able to watch the whole parade.

The parade was a littled sobered down, but that was only because most of the troops are engaged in keeping our borders safe from the intruders trying to come into our country and spread problems. All in all the parade was great. And yes, I agree with a certain someone who told me that the Para SF batallion was the most impressive contingent. The flypast by Sukhois was superb and completely flawless. They are indeed the most impressive birds IAF owns.

I lost the point of my conversion again. And at this point I changed the title to this article to what you see right now. The reason for this phenomena is that I'm writing after such a long time that I have too much to say.

The problem is that as my second internship comes to a close, my time of going home comes even closer. This, on one side gives me a great feeling of heading home to meet everyone and catch up with everyone but on the other side can quiet overwhelming as I have to get the necessary paperwork complete before I leave for home. And this is when the reality of being an adult hits me.

And I realise that its time to wake up and smell the coffee and embrace myself for a life full of checkpoints of making decision. The realisation that any choice we make can significantly alter the course of our life is frightening and powerful at the same time. But, we must realise that we aren't in control of our lives, but only the choices we make. We must choose wisely as these choices we determine our destiny. Nothing is set in stone. As they say in Hinduism that your karma defines your destiny. Also I believe in saying "Be careful what you wish for". I would like to add to that what my mom always taught, in her tradition of being a history teacher, "One must never forget the past. Because it is the mistakes of the past that we must learn from in order to march towards a better future."

I think I've let my thoughts run a crazy course for this session. And I think its a good place for me to pause. To be continued...........