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Friday, August 20, 2010

Back from Vacation with a changed name

As I was getting ready to write this post I didn't remember when was the last time I wrote on cyberspace blogspace. This is maybe because of the chain of events took place after that. I always catch up with the latest on Bhai's Blog but haven't gotten a chance to write on my own. So, here I start again.

My last post was on my perspective on article I read in the paper which said that young Indian men think defense life lacks a sort of glamour. And I know what my last post said because before I started writing, I clicked on the View Blog link. Recieved interesting comments on it. The article was written in October, 2009. I haven't written anything after that because I got busy, lame say. I say not this time.

I am genuinely late this time because from October to January, I was busy wrapping up end of year work and life stuff, meticulously putting all pieces together that made sense and discarding the worn out of pieces......because a new year was round the corner. And then with the new year came ground breaking news and lots of happiness.

In the new year, parents introduced us, and soon we decided to get married and now 8 months since I met him....I'm about 3 months married to my Prince Charming. And this is why I was busy and away from cyberspace. Now, as we settle into a normal routine (that's what he calls it, I call it married life), I'm back.

The 10 month vacation away from internet was very rejuvinating. Did stuff, met new people, made new friends, drove in Delhi, learning to manage staff, learning to be a wife and a student of life and GATE coaching. Lets see how I fair.

Hope life and world has treated all of you well.