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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rohan & Me in Chicago Posted by Picasa

Hectic Schedule

hey there.....the rest of this week is very I'm blogging today. not much has happened except I have tons of work on my head. one of profs decided to move the bring forward the due date on one of our assignments and since our group was to present it.....we're all in a dizzy right now.....I just wish the presentation goes on well. I'll probably be pulling an all-nighter today coz I have to finish assignments and study for the mid-terms.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Heat is On

Yup guys and girls.....the summer has started full swing here at Philadelphia. With the temperatures going up to 80F in a humid weather and in an apt which doesn't even have a fan.....there is no stone left unturn in becoming tandoori gosht. I am now in my fourth term here at Drexel University.

our state of affairs is like the village from the movie
Lagaan,waiting for the rains. But I am waiting for a better temperature. The weather here reminds me of the week I spent in Mumbai.

The stay was great and I enjoyed being there. But the weather was just so different.....all sultry and salty. But Mumbai was very different from

Everyone spoke hindi in Mumbai, but chennai is all about Tamil. Even if the auto-driver knows Hindi, he would want you to speak in Tamil otherwise demand exhorbent fare. But still Chennai is a metro. I am happy that
Bangalore isn't a metro, otherwise it would become worse than it is.

Anyways getting back to my city as present, the former capital of United States....
Philadelphia. I got to a see a lot of the city in this term. Me and my room-mate and friend Akshita have been going out into the city together and having fun. The other we went to see Bewitched...cute movie it is. And the best thing is that we walked to the theatre and 11 o'clock in the night we walked back home too.

Another great news is that I got my co-op at Siemens. That's the biggest news of the week. Other than that everythign else has been going on pretty fine and I have been having fun.